Apparently I was here 2 years ago & set up this ( not even sure if blog is still the relevant term ) & stumbled across it yesterday whilst trying to ‘like’ a very cool post I read about words, intent, repercussions etc etc etc.

Ya know, Sh*t that’s often in the forefront of my mind…..that’s what interests me, hence the reason it’s annoying me by being obtrusive. So, I’ve decided to make use of this platform or at least try it since it’s already here right?… And it’ll save me scribbling down random thougjts & snippets of info that come to be throughout the days in my ‘little journally ideas/diaries/sketchbook/reminders/ important lists/things to have done by days end/records to buy/knowledge seeking note books of which I have many indeed. I’m not expecting to gain followers or friends or likes or collect points or have an audience at all but I’ve been ‘Truth Seeking’ now for nearly ten years & along the way have learnt many many untruths that have not just changed my beliefs and perceptions but have ( for the better ) changed who I am or more accurately who I was and where I’m headed.

So that’ll do for a first ( blog?) for now, later today I’ll write about ‘An Intelligent Red Cloud’ I see often at night.


I’ve recently taken a keen interest in photography tutorials as I bought a relatively decent camera, first ‘proper one’. I’m usually up till just before sunrise and follow the goings on of the night sky every clear night I’m able. Theres many strange occurances I see, most every night. Trying to explain what I’ve seen usually falls on deaf ears regardless who I’m trying to share my experiances with so I thought I’d have a better chance of getting someone to believe me if I had accompanying photos, hence the tutorials. I was using every incorrect setting & mode combo known to man, I’ve now got a few pics of what appears to be an intelligent Red cloud that comes at least once a month and with it a very strange noise & unnerving feeling.

I’ll go into detail and provide pics once I work out how this WordPress thing works & if I need to pay to join etc etc, I was contently happy just finding the location of my previous post so I’m feeling pretty hopeful I can get this happening. But for now its 6:00am and ive something on this morning so no bed till tomorrow.